Apple may have to switch to USB-C for iPhones in India as well


The government of India is looking into using universal chargers for all portable electronic gadgets, adding another nation to the list that wants Apple to stop using its Lightning connector.

India is thinking of adopting USB-C as a universal charging standard by 2024, as required by Europe. Indian Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh met with manufacturers on August 17, 2022, to start delving into the problem.

According to the Deccan Herald, a local newspaper, the government has now chosen to consider implementing two standard fees. There is a chance that one of the two is USB-C, but there is no information on what the other type might be.

Three different groups are currently being formed by the government to study the problem, and in two months their specialists must deliver a report.

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“It’s a complicated problem. India is involved in the production of chargers, “According to Rohit Kumar Singh, the magazine. Before making a final decision, “We must comprehend everyone’s standpoint, including industry, the users, manufacturers, and the environment.”

Each of the three groups will look at a different kind of gadget. The first will focus on mobile phones, the second on computers and tablets, and the third on wearable technology.

Prior to the meeting on Wednesday, Singh characterized the procedure as “more of an explorative nature.”

In order to establish a standard charger in India, he said, “we will strive to learn from the stakeholders.” We’ll make an effort to comprehend their worries as well.

The US has also been looking into the possibility of using regular chargers in addition to USB-C.

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