Apple may sign a agreement for the watching rights of the Big Ten


According to The Athletic, Apple is negotiating a deal to obtain a streaming package for Big Ten college basketball and football. The streaming rights are reportedly up for grabs between Apple and Amazon, with Apple entering the fray after learning that USC and UCLA will join the league in 2024.

For live games, the Big Ten media rights are anticipated to go to CBS, NBC, and Fox in addition to those for the streaming package, which might go to either Apple or Amazon. The format of a streaming package is still unknown, although it may resemble the weekly Amazon Prime package for the NFL or the MLB’s Friday night games.

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To improve the appeal of Apple TV+, Apple has recently made significant investments in live sports. In 2023, Major League Soccer will have its own home on Friday Night Baseball, which Apple launched in collaboration with the MLB.

Apple has reportedly also expressed interest in the Sunday Ticket package from the National Football League, and the company has previously talked about a content partnership with the Pac-12.

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