Apple might come up with a way to get you your new iPhone at a lower price


A rumoured subscription service that would allow you to pay a monthly fee for access to the latest Apple products, such as the iPhone 13, has been making the rounds. A few days ago, we were a little sceptical, but we’ve just heard that the price might be quite reasonable.

In his Power On email newsletter, Apple-leak maestro Mark Gurman discusses his expected pricing for the iPhone subscription service, based on the model of the iPhone. Based on the figures he chose, “the pricing of the old iPhone upgrade program by a few dollars” suggests that Apple will do the same for its service.

With Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, it is possible to spread the cost of a new iPhone out over time rather than pay for it all at once. Although you won’t save any money this way, paying monthly can alleviate some of the financial stress for most people.

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On the financial side of things, Gurman points out that Apple’s audience retention over the typical upgrade cycle and the sale of subscribers’ old iPhones would bring in even more money for the company over the long haul. However, he also believes that Apple’s prices could fall even further than he estimates.

If the programme is linked to its high-margin Apple One digital services bundles and AppleCare, Gurman suggests, the company could make additional money. There are a number of other subscription services that you could get as part of the package. These include Apple TV Plus, Arcade, Fitness Plus, and News. There is a chance that these additional features will raise the price.

In the absence of official word from the company, we cannot take Gurman’s report as gospel, but he is an excellent source for Apple news, and his report suggests that the iPhone subscription service won’t be as expensive as we had anticipated.

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