Apple might face an antitrust lawsuit from the Justice Department in its “early stages”


A lawsuit against Apple is currently being drafted by the US Justice Department, according to Politico. The lawsuit’s “possible” status, according to a person who talked to the website, suggests that the DOJ’s intentions are still being worked out.

It is rumored that DOJ prosecutors are “gathering the materials” for a case that may be brought before the end of the year, though the timing has not yet been determined. It’s also possible that no case will ever be brought forward in the end.

Inquiries have been made concerning Apple’s practices relating to the App Store, third-party apps, repairs, and more by the U.S. government since it opened an antitrust inquiry into the company in 2019. The DOJ has spent time talking to companies that have criticized Apple, including Spotify, Epic Games, Match Group, Basecamp, and Tile. These companies have all voiced their displeasure with Apple’s App Store standards.

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The examination, which was a part of a broader investigation into internet firms that included Amazon, Facebook, and Google in addition to Apple, has so far led to proposed antitrust legislation that may significantly alter the tech sector. For instance, the Open App Markets Act would permit alternate app stores and alternate in-app payment schemes, which is what Apple wants to prevent.

The Department of Justice was reportedly stepping up its antitrust investigation into Apple back in October, according to The Information, which reported a “flurry” of activity and additional subpoenas being delivered to Apple’s business partners. According to Politico, the investigation by the DOJ into whether Apple’s control over its products hurts companies like Tile is likely to go beyond the App Store guidelines.

Legal actions for antitrust violations have already been brought against Google and Facebook.

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