Apple Music has a problem that takes the app straight to the dock when it is downloaded


A problem with Apple Music is apparently “perplexing” iPhone users. According to reports, when the Apple Music iOS software is downloaded from the App Store, it installs itself directly onto the iPhone dock instead of appearing on the phone’s home screen. Other apps from the dock are also being launched to take their place. This is great for Apple Music, but not so much for other apps.

It seems that this bug makes Apple Music the default music stream for Siri requests even if another music-streaming app has been previously configured, such as Spotify or Prime Music.

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As TechCrunch noted, there are no clear statistics regarding how widespread the problem is. The results of internal tests were mixed. There is, however, an issue with the dock that occurs in both the new and old versions of iOS 15. It follows that the problem does not relate to the most recent iOS update. The problem also affected multiple iPhone models, so I don’t think it has anything to do with those either. 

Initially, the problem was discovered by iOS developer Kevin Archer, who posted a video on Twitter showing Apple Music acting up. Apple Music takes over a place on the iPhone dock that was formerly occupied by the Spotify app. According to test results, Spotify and other third-party music apps are not specifically targeted. Including Apple’s own apps like the Camera app or even Twitter, Apple Music appears to have replaced any other app in the dock. Another developer noted on Twitter that Apple Music had kicked Safari from the dock. 

Honestly, this is not all that surprising since Apple has traditionally ranked its own apps at the top of the App Store charts and search results pages. Nevertheless, since this issue does not affect everyone, it is most likely a bug. The company has acknowledged that it is aware of the issue and is investigating it.

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