Apple pay release soon and the Malaysian bank intercept to remove it


Unintentionally announcing the introduction of Apple Pay on its website, a Malaysian bank quickly removed the marketing from the public’s view.

The addition of Apple Pay functionality is a huge benefit for banks and other financial institutions as the payments platform continues its sluggish global expansion. But in the case of one Malaysian bank, someone’s marketing was too trigger-happy.

Over the weekend, AmBank posted information about its support for Apple Pay on its website. The portal was concealed from view as of Monday morning, after the pages were briefly visible before being removed.

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The TechNave-viewed pages explain a promotion that offers cashback to entice consumers to sign up. The page and the since-removed FAQ claimed the prize was either RM20 or RM50 ($4.48 or $11.21), but it was ambiguous.

Since AmBank previously hinted at a launch via text messages in July, it is widely accepted that the bank will eventually offer Apple Pay functionality. The website’s brief existence could be a sign that Apple Pay via the bank will launch in the coming days.

There are currently no banks in Malaysia that officially enable Apple Pay, according to a news.

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