Apple plans to test new App Store marketing in the near future


Apple will soon begin testing a pair of new ad placements on the App Store that will provide developers with additional opportunities for customers to find their apps.

The new ad spots include a spot on the App Store Today page and a spot in the “You Might Also Like” section of the app’s product page. Ads will be clearly indicated in both locations to distinguish between organic and editorial recommendations.

According to Apple, “Apple Search Ads provide an opportunity for developers of all sizes to grow their business.” New ad placements are built on the same foundation as our current advertising offerings—they will only feature content from apps’ App Store product pages, and they will conform to the same high privacy standards.

Apple hasn’t announced when the new ad spaces would be available, but it has suggested that it will start testing them soon.

Only two ad slots were accessible in the App Store previously, and they appeared only when consumers were searching for new apps.

There will be no change in Apple’s emphasis on privacy and openness with the addition of new ad spots according to Apple. To cite just one example, Apple does not use hyper-targeting of individuals or small user groups. There are no targeted advertising shown to anyone under the age of 18, and no sensitive information is used to serve ads.

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As a result, Apple informed marketers in May that 78% of App Store searches were conducted by users who did not allow Apple to access their first-party data. Despite this, Apple claimed that their privacy-protecting advertising technology was just as successful for corporations.

There are some app creators and executives who share this opinion, such as Ron Schneidermann, who is the CEO of the hiking app AllTrails.

“Apple Search Ads helped us acquire new, more engaged customers across markets,” Schneidermann stated. It’s crucial to our success that we use Apple Search Ads for low-cost customer acquisition. New App Store placements are in the works, and when they become available, we want to invest in them to increase the number of clients we serve and the overall growth of our company. “

To keep up with the likes of Google Play, Apple is implementing new ad locations. In the current version of the Google Play Store for Android, both product pages and the “Apps” tab of the Play Store have the same type of advertising.

An emerging but lucrative revenue stream for the iPhone maker is Apple’s in-house advertising unit. According to some estimates, Apple’s advertising revenue might reach $6 billion by 2025, with search ads accounting for $4.1 billion of that.

The ad sector has expressed some displeasure with the section. In May of 2021, some ad executives complained about the cost of the placements. Several companies, including Meta (previously known as Facebook), claim that Apple is promoting privacy features in order to benefit its own ad revenue. According to Apple, the claims are untrue.

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