Apple Playlist Features Shazam’s Top Songs Every Year As It Turns 20


Shazam, a well-known music identification service, was introduced 20 years ago today, according to a statement from Apple. Apple released a playlist of the songs that have been Shazamed the most over the previous 20 years to commemorate the milestone.

The playlist, according to Apple, “is a real reflection of the music consumers around the world actively sought for over the past 20 years,” featuring songs like Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and Sia’s “Cheap Thrills.” On Apple Music, the playlist is accessible.

In the UK, Shazam debuted in August 2002 as a text messaging service. In July 2008, it became one of the first apps available in the App Store.

Shazam was purchased by Apple in 2018 for an alleged four hundred million dollar, and the company has since added the music recognition service to Control Center on the iPhone. Since purchasing the service, Apple has made steady improvements to Shazam, including deleting the app’s advertisements, a concert discovery tool, enabling Shazam compatibility in third-party apps, and more.

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According to Apple, Shazam now has more than 225 million monthly users worldwide and has identified more than 70 billion songs. With over 350 million Shazams spanning tracks he released or was featured in, Drake is the most Shazamed artist of all time. “Dance Monkey” by Tones is second. With over 41 million Shazams, And I is the song with the most Shazams ever.

Apple outlined some significant events and turning points in Shazam’s two-decade history in a press release, including the first song to ever be Shazamed, the tracks that racked up Shazams the fastest, the top Shazamed songs by genre, and more.

Shazam offers apps for a variety of devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and more. Apple offers a Music Recognition toggle for the Control Center in iOS 14.2 and later, enabling iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to quickly and easily utilize Shazam to find out what music is playing without having to download the app.

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