‘Apple Podcasts Connect’ email malfunction may peek at a surprise event


Despite being active for more than ten years, Apple Podcasts Connect has sent out curious emails to long-running podcasts, thanking authors for show additions and requesting subscription approval.

Emails were sent to podcast owners via the Apple Podcasts Connect website. In every instance, they informed podcasters of already-taken clearances from Apple.

One email congratulates the recipient on the launch of their channel on Apple Podcasts; this is a message that is generally sent after a podcast is submitted for listing. Another claims that the podcast in question has been given permission to offer paid memberships.

The contacted podcasts are ongoing initiatives that have been running the necessary elements for a considerable amount of time.

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It is unclear how many messages were delivered, what changed on the Apple side of the system, or whether a human error occurred. If this is a system problem, there’s a chance that account maintenance or even the unintentional implementation or alteration of nameless features could be to blame.

Prior to Apple events, system testing was widespread, and occasionally, traces of these tests can be seen by anyone outside the very secretive business. The timing of such testing occasionally signals a related shift on the horizon, even though it might just be an error.

Apple says there have been no changes on Apple TV to the podcasts and channels that received the notifications and that they are still accessible.

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