Apple project to create a cheap VR headset was scrapped in 2017


This week, a story by The Information added further explanation to that supposition. The claim stated that the Cupertino company sought to build an affordable virtual reality headset for the iPhone, designed as a competitor to Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Users would have been able to use their smartphones as a stereoscopic display for “basic AR and VR experiences” if a “cheap headgear” had been developed.

However, the most noteworthy claim is that the internal Apple team working on the headset was unable to secure the cooperation of other divisions. The crew was purportedly based in Sunnyvale, several miles away from Apple’s headquarters, allegedly to assist in “preserving the group’s anonymity to the rest of Apple”.

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The team also “struggled with technical challenges, including poor tracking of head motions,” according to the paper, which made it difficult for the device to enable individuals to “feel comfortably immersed in digital settings.”

According to the report, the headset was supposed to appear following the 2019 release of the iPhone 11. The project was eventually shelved by Apple, but some code indicating its existence leaked in the same year that it was abandoned.

According to current sources, Apple is expected to release an AR/VR headset sometime in late 2023. This year, the best we can hope for is an announcement following the release of the iPhone 14 in September, but it was previously believed that such a gadget would be unveiled in 2022.

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