Apple pulls out of talks to acquire Electronic Arts, Amazon is likely to make a better offer


Apple has withdrawn from a potential acquisition of the game developer Electronic Arts (EA) after conversations that had been underway since as early as May of this year, with Amazon now prepared to make an offer, according to a report.

EA has been in contact with a number of businesses with prospective interest in the acquisition over the past few months, including Apple, Amazon, and Disney. Since the introduction of Apple Arcade, the company’s subscription-based gaming service that delivers exclusive games without in-app purchases or advertisements, Apple has developed a newfound interest in the gaming industry.

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Apple would have access to popular gaming brands including “The Sims,” “Battlefield,” “Apex Legends,” “SimCity,” “DragonAge,” “FIFA,” and more if it acquired EA.

The largest acquisition in Apple’s history would be EA, which has a market value of thirty four billion dollars. Beats is Apple’s most expensive acquisition to date, which it acquired for three billion dollars in 2014. CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple “never buys merely to purchase” but added that he wouldn’t “rule anything out” and that Apple is “constantly surveilling the market” during the company’s most recent earnings call in July.

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