Apple rarely has the chance to buy an iPhone from China at a discounted price


On July 25, Apple Inc. unveiled a unique retail campaign in China, providing four days of discounts on its top-tier iPhones and related accessories in anticipation of the introduction of its next-generation handsets.

A note on Apple’s website announced that the corporation will be slashing the price of the iPhone 13 Pro by up to 600 yuan (RM395) between July 29 and August 1, despite its general reluctance to do so. The only payment methods accepted are those offered by Ant Group Company’s Alipay and a small number of others. The sale also includes certain versions of the Apple Watch and AirPods.

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The discounts come as China’s economy seeks to recover from significant COVID-19 lockdowns in commercial centers in Shanghai and Beijing, which have affected sales of prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturers from Xiaomi Corp. to Vivo and Oppo. National figures show that Apple’s China shipment growth was solid in June, but the discounts signal that even Apple has excess inventory moving into this year’s second half.

Research firm Canalys reported this month that global smartphone shipments fell by 9 percent in the second quarter due to weak consumer demand, rising inflation, and supply chain problems. China’s businesses suffered the worst of the losses, reporting double-digit drops.

When it comes to the pricing of Apple’s iPhones, this year’s economic upheaval has already driven the company into one unprecedented move: boosting the price in Japan in response to the dramatically weakened currency.

As an added convenience for Chinese customers, the company offers instalment plans and discounted rates for students. This is because the company’s best-selling items have never been marked down in the country. This is according to Bloomberg.

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