Apple receives an important text message from Google with a song attached


Google has used a novel approach to get Apple to use one of its text messaging services. Apple has been asked by the software giant to allow iPhone customers to migrate to RCS (Rich Communication Services) so that they do not have to deal with the problem of iPhones having problems receiving texts from Android phones. Google used Drake’s new album Nevermind’s “Texts Go Green” song to make its point and produced an “unofficial lyric explanatory video” on Twitter.

Google’s “Texts Go Green” refers to the text messages from Android smartphones that are prohibited on iMessage because of their phone numbers and appear as green SMS bubbles.

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There is 38 seconds of white text on a black background in a video that Google’s marketing team shared on their Twitter account. According to the video, Google wants the iPhone to adopt RCS so that communications between iPhones and Android phones can be made simpler. In the video, the caption reads:

“Texts Go Green” by Drake is a big hit for the Android crew, according to them. As it pertains to an iPhone user being barred, it is known as this. A text to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, for example. You can’t win either way. If only Apple had a super-talented staff of engineers to solve this. It’s because Apple can only fix this issue. In reality, all they need to do is switch to RCS. It would also make texting safer. Just a thought. It’s a great song, though. “

Google is referring to the fact that RCS supports encryption when it says “make messaging more secure too.”

Google has sent a message to Apple, and Apple has received it. Is Apple going to take this into consideration?

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