Apple refuses to let the M1 iPad Pro run a desktop OS


The iPad Pro, particularly the 12.9-inch model, is by far the most technologically advanced dedicated tablet available today. Apple was able to solidify its position as the undisputed market leader with the addition of the M1 chip to the iPad series.

The iPad still has one major fault, though, and that is its operating system. Even if Stage Manager has been adopted, iPadOS has come a long way, but it still lags behind operating systems like MacOS.

The unfortunate reality is that Apple appears to have made a deliberate choice to do this. At least in terms of sheer power, the iPad is more than capable of running a desktop-class OS. For comparison, the 2020 MacBook Air from Apple and the new iPad Air and iPad Pro both use the same processor.

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Additionally, a video displaying the 12.9-inch iPad Pro running a complete simulation of Windows 10 was published on YouTube a few days ago. The benchmarks show certain shortcomings (caused by poor optimization), but there is still enough computing power.

Naturally, the only reasonable inquiry is, “Why?” Why does Apple undermine its own goods? The most straightforward solution is pricing.

The M1 iPad Air is available for just about six hundred dollars. That amounts to less than half of what an M2 MacBook Air would cost. The overall cost will be lower, even with an Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. In essence, the position of the MacBook would be in jeopardy if the iPad were a suitable laptop substitute.

As a result, Apple continues to position iPads as tertiary devices that you use in addition to your smartphone and laptop. This is why the iPad’s use is mostly in education and why its appeal is somewhat limited. This is also the main cause of the apparent decline in popularity of tablets in general.

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