Apple releases an update to fix issues with hard resets of iPhones with shaking cameras


The iPhone’s operating system, iOS, received an update from Apple earlier that addresses a number of flaws that surfaced during the debut of the iPhone 14 of Apple.

Although Apple frequently releases software patches following a phone launch due to faults that arise, a number of problems with the new iPhones were extensively reported in reports and on social media.

For example, iOS 16.0.2 resolves a problem where the camera would vibrate when trying to focus inside third-party apps like Snapchat and TikTok. Additionally, it resolves an issue with data transfer from an older iPhone to an iPhone 14. In these transfers, the new device’s display would occasionally be entirely black, necessitating a hard reset.

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An issue of Apple also fixed that caused a pop-up to repeatedly alert users that they were copying and pasting text. Initially believed to be a security feature, the bug was subsequently identified as a defect.

A voiceover issue and a touch issue on older devices were also corrected, according to the software change log.

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