Apple says production of iPhone 13 has now resumed in India after earlier issues


The iPhone 13 is now being manufactured in India, according to the company, three months after the scheduled start date.

The Foxconn factory in Chennai was found to have horrendous working conditions, which caused the delay…


Apple is always looking for ways to reduce its reliance on China by expanding its manufacturing base around the globe. Suppliers in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and elsewhere now assemble iPhones, iPads, and Macs for the company.

iPhone SE production in India began in 2017 with the launch of the first iteration of the iPhone SE. There were two more iPhone models made there, and the iPhone 13 was expected to be the fourth in January.

However, following complaints from workers at the Chennai plant, production was halted. Gruesome reading was made possible by the gruesome details. More than 250 workers fell ill as a result of the poor conditions, which included dorm rooms without running water or flush toilets.

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Production of iPhone 13 is underway in India

Earlier this month, India’s Business Standard reported that these issues had been resolved and that iPhone production would begin in April. Reuters has confirmed that this has, in fact, taken place.

According to a statement from Apple, iPhone 13 production began in India on Monday. An Apple contract manufacturer, Foxconn, has a factory in the area where the phone is being made.

According to a report published in February, Apple’s iPhone sales in India have also reached a turning point.

The company appears to have generated more revenue from smartphones in the country than any other brand. This has been a remarkable turnaround in only a few short years. Market share in 2018 is said to have been just 1% for the company.

It is important to note that Apple’s share of smartphone sales in India (measured by units sold) is still low enough that the iPhone is not even mentioned in the “Others” section of the Counterpoint report. However, in the premium smartphone market, which is defined as 30,000 rupees or more (around $400), Apple has been a huge success.

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