Apple Silicon optimization for Microsoft Teams is now available


Microsoft has quietly released a version of its Microsoft Teams platform that has been optimized for Apple Silicon, more than a year after the company announced its transition to proprietary chips.

The optimized version of Teams has not been officially announced by the company, and the software appears to be in beta form. Users of Teams can’t access it, but it can be found on Microsoft’s website.

According to their sources, the file appeared to have been uploaded to Microsoft’s website at the end of April, according to 9to5Mac. Installing the app makes it a “Universal” app, meaning it works on both Intel and Apple chipset-based Macs.

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Every week, Microsoft updates its app’s public preview for the general public to try out. The next preview will be released on Tuesday, April 26.

It’s not clear when Microsoft will publicize or announce the optimized version of Teams, but it has been at least 18 months since Apple first began its transition to first-party silicon with the M1.

Like Slack, Microsoft Teams is a tool for team collaboration. Despite the fact that Rosetta 2 has been available on Apple Silicon Macs, some users have complained about the lack of native support for the software.

Microsoft is expected to release an optimized version of Windows on Monday, but users can already download it from the company’s website.

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