Apple silicon systems can now back up the information


A data recovery business claims that it is now able to recover data from severely damaged Macs containing Apple Silicon chips, making it likely the first business to be able to do so.

According to DriveSavers, the parts required to access data from Mac computers with M1, M2, and T2 chips have been identified. The business claims that by moving the chips from severely damaged boards to functional ones, it can extract data from Apple Silicon chips.

DriveSavers Director of Engineering Mike Cobb commented, “The talent and expertise of our data recovery engineers are unsurpassed. “Included in the company’s extensive inventory of donor devices are the most recent MacBook Pros, which we can quickly disassemble for parts. Data recovery from these highly developed, very secure devices is where DriveSavers excels.”

The company claims that DriveSavers engineers can recover data from a variety of flash memory chips, including those found in iPhones and M-series Mac products, using micro soldering techniques.

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Apple “has done their best to conceal what is essential to access the encrypted data,” according to DriveSavers. It claims, however, that its engineers have determined that the essential security elements must continue to be linked together in order for the data to be accessible.

The business claimed that its capabilities were initially announced in early August. DriveSavers claims to be the “first and only” company to be able to recover data from damaged Apple Silicon because no other company has come up to make the claim.

The cost has not been disclosed. Even without chip transfer, data recovery costs can reach the thousands of dollars.

DriveSavers have discovered a way around security features on Apple products before. A new service that could allegedly unlock iPhone passcode locks was introduced by the corporation back in 2018.

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