Apple still plans to launch the iPhone 14 MAX and Pro MAX in the fall despite being behind schedule in production


The iPhone 14 series was supposed to be unveiled in early September, according to Apple. There have, however, been some substantial delays in sourcing some of the components that make up the iPhone 14. But none of these setbacks will have an effect on the device’s release date.

Apple, much like the majority of other smartphone makers, has had some difficulty acquiring the components that are necessary for the production of their displays. Although the display and most of the panels have been widely available, some of the generic panels, the housing, and the protective parts that go in front of the screen have been in low supply.

The iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max have been affected by this shortage because of the difficulty in manufacturing large-screen iPhones.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple’s most popular model, so the company has a large supply of the device. When the devices are ready for purchase, Apple will be able to turn a tidy profit thanks to this arrangement.

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When it comes to the iPhone 14 Max, though, things aren’t looking very well. Due to a delay in the delivery of display parts, this gadget has been negatively impacted. It is possible that the iPhone 14 Max’s production cycles have been delayed so much that it will not be available for sale immediately following its launch as Apple had intended.

For the iPhone 14, Apple has already begun testing production, and the company plans to begin full production in August, just in time for the launch event.

A major factor in the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s successful production run is the fact that it utilizes display panels that enable Apple’s ProMotion technology. Since it doesn’t have the ability to employ custom displays, the iPhone 14 Max is forced to use generic displays, which have been scarce.

There is a good probability that when Apple introduces its devices this fall, all three iPhone 14s will be available and accessible for purchase. The iPhone 14 Max, on the other hand, will be in scarce supply when it launches. Alternatively, it could be made available to users a few months following its debut.

Once it is released, the iPhone 14 Max is anticipated to be a very popular smartphone among customers. It will also occupy a special place in the chronology of iPhones because it is the first time that Apple has sold a 6.7-inch iPhone that does not come with Pro features or a price tag at all.

That being said, all four smartphones will be unveiled in September at Apple’s autumn presentation, as the company is going all out to ensure that the iPhone 14 family launches together.

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