Apple Studio Displays will be delayed for 6-8 weeks due to shortages


There are reports that Apple is failing to keep up with global demand for the Mac Studio’s display, which was released alongside the display many months ago. As of right now, the entry-level model can be pre-ordered for late July/early August shipping, while several additional models face even longer delays in shipping.

For instance, if you order any of the Apple Studio Display models from the Apple website today, including the VESA mount adapter type and the tilt and height-adjustable model, you will need to wait roughly 8–10 weeks for delivery. There have been other stories indicating that Apple is further delaying these delivery estimates when customers purchase the gadget, which suggests that there may be some underlying problems with supply.

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The situation is the same for customers who want to pick up their new Apple Studio Display from their local Apple Store: the majority of stores in the United States and the United Kingdom are showing zero stock, and those that do have the product have the more expensive version of the Studio Display rather than the base model.

Due to a lack of new inventory, resellers have been advertising new Apple Studio Displays for substantially more than their retail value. Some of the “new” Apple Studio Displays are really selling for over $3,000 to customers and professionals seeking to get their hands on a new screen without having to wait months.

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