Apple suppliers may not be able to ship to China due to strict labeling requirements


Apple has told its suppliers that China is now strictly following a rule about labelling Taiwanese shipments. This is because Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan sparked worries about trade problems.

Nikkei Asia says that shipments from Taiwan to the iPhone maker Pegatron in China were held up at customs on August 4, 2022, so that they could be looked over. The long-standing rule, which used to be less strict, said that the words “made in Taiwan” could lead to fines or the shipment being turned away.

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Chinese officials maintain that Taiwan is part of their territory, which has led to problems such as the inability of Mac computers in Taiwan to show the country’s flag on their screens.

China’s rules mandate that commodities imported from Taiwan be labelled “Taiwan, China,” or “Chinese Taipei.” However, Taiwanese authorities mandate that exports bear the words “Taiwan” or “Republic of China.”

According to reports, Apple has instructed its suppliers to revise and alter their packaging labels and paperwork. According to Nikkei Asia’s unnamed sources, Apple has informed suppliers that the new labelling is urgently required.

The visit of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to China, which was denounced by the authorities in Beijing, is what prompted China to make the decision to more severely enforce the regulation.

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