Apple to Open Unofficial Museum in Poland featuring ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s Technology


An unofficial Apple Museum has opened in Poland, showcasing the most complete collection of some of Apple’s most popular products, as well as rare items that many people have never seen before.

As of mid-April, the Apple Muzeum Polska will feature more than 1,600 artefacts spread across more than 3,400 square feet, including interactive screens showing more than 100 hours of video content to better explain the exhibits on display.

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Alongside vintage Apple machines, the museum exhibits everything from software and hardware to prototypes and multimedia to promotional materials and informational forms. As a result of these and other machines that helped shape the Apple brand and the tech world we know and love today, the museum has the 1976 Apple 1, the 1984 Macintosh 128, the 1997 20th anniversary Macintosh, and the 1998 boundary-breaking iMac G3.

In addition to the more familiar items like the original iPhone and iPod, there are also iPads and other tablets on display.

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