Apple TV HD with original Siri remote has become a vintage item


Apple updated its list of antique items this week to include the Apple TV HD along with the first-generation Siri Remote. According to an internal memo that MacRumors was able to get, the device was officially considered old as of June 30, but the list that is visible to the public was only recently modified.

Only the first-generation Siri Remote with no white ring around the Menu button was sent with the Apple TV HD when it first debuted in 2015 – these units are now considered old. In 2017, Apple placed a white ring around the Menu button to make the button stand out more when using the remote.

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Apple TV HD models that originally came packaged with either a Siri Remote with a white ring (which is still considered to be the first-generation Siri Remote) or a Siri Remote with a silver circular trackpad (the second-generation Siri Remote) have not been categorized as old.

Five years have passed since Apple last distributed the item for sale before it can be labelled as “vintage.” When it comes to repairs, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers often won’t accept vintage goods unless the parts are still readily available.

The Apple TV HD (formerly known as the fourth-generation Apple TV) is still available for $149 through the company. Beyond the Siri Remote, the device has not gotten any hardware improvements since it was launched over seven years ago.

In 2022, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Apple, claims that the company will produce a new Apple TV with an A14 CPU and an additional 4GB of RAM.

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