Apple TV Plus is now available for free for T-Mobile Magenta Max subscribers


T-Mobile set the standard for combining mobile and entertainment services, but now rivals like Verizon are following suit to entice customers to stay with them. With the inclusion of free Apple TV Plus, T-Mobile is attempting to sweeten the deal a little bit more in light of this. Beginning on August 31st, customers using the business’s Magenta Max plan will be able to take advantage of the new incentive.

It’s a relief for T-Mobile consumers that getting service from Apple doesn’t require them to give up Netflix. The provider will keep offering its well-known “Netflix on Us” promotion, which similarly offers cost-free streaming access as long as you’re a T-Mobile client. Just be aware that, unless you’re on a multi-line Magenta Max plan, the Netflix benefit is only available on the most basic, standard definition tier of plans. The complete 4K streaming experience with Apple TV Plus is available even on a single-line Max plan.

Previously, several qualified T-Mobile and Sprint plans were eligible for a free year of Apple TV Plus from T-Mobile. For other plans, like the regular Magenta tier, the deal will be reduced to six months because access will always be available to Max users. 

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Verizon’s main response to T-Mobile is the inclusion of the Disney package—which includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus—on its 5G Get More and 5G Play More unlimited plans, despite the fact that you won’t get Netflix or Apple TV Plus. Depending on the package, Verizon also provides various incentives like Google Play Pass, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade.

According to the most recent tests by PCMag, Verizon and T-Mobile both now offer extensive 5G coverage and quick speeds. Although AT&T is somewhat behind in urban areas, this may level out over the next few years. These streaming and entertainment benefits may cause users to choose one carrier over another, given how similar mobile data speeds are starting to become amongst all of them. However, AT&T doesn’t appear keen on adopting the same tactic. The carrier ceased giving free HBO Max with its plans after WarnerMedia and Discovery merged.

Last week, T-Mobile and SpaceX unveiled their proposals to connect mobile phones to satellites in 2023. In areas where sending texts and messages is now not possible, “Coverage Above and Beyond” aims to eradicate signal dead zones and provide enough data throughput to do so. The vast majority of cellphones that are now connected to T-network Mobile will be compatible with the new service, according to T-Mobile.

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