Apple TV+ series starring Kristine Froseth & Alisha Boe will premiere this fall


Apple TV+, a streaming service, has unveiled a new drama series called “The Buccaneers.” Actors Kristine Froseth and Alisha Boe will star in the series as the main characters. The play, which was developed by Katherine Jakeways, is based on the final novel that Edith Wharton published in the United States, which also shares the same name.

According to a press statement published by Apple, the two actors are just two members of the ensemble cast for the play, which also features Josie Totah, Aubri Ibrag, Imogen Waterhouse, and Mia Threapleton.

“A group of fun-loving young American girls burst into the tightly corseted London season of the 1870s, starting off an Anglo-American culture clash as the country of the stiff upper lip is penetrated by a refreshing disdain for centuries of tradition.

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Even though the buccaneers are on their way to secure husbands and titles, the story’s official plotline revealed that their hearts were bent on something greater than that.

Froseth, best known for her roles in The Assistant and The First Lady, will portray Nan St George, while “13 Reasons Why” star Boe will play Conchita Closson.

The series is now being produced in Scotland under the direction of BAFTA Award-winning director Susanna White.

Executive produced by White, Beth Willis, and George Faber Jakeways, “The Buccaneers” is a sports drama. Production company The Forge Entertainment created the show just for Apple TV+.

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