Apple users can’t use a lifesaving iPhone feature on iPads or Macs


According to a new report, Apple is not going to announce a feature that is very highly requested during the opening keynote presentation for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that will take place on June 6. Although a large number of features are going to be added and others are going to be updated, Apple is not going to announce these features.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, writing in the weekly Power On newsletter, says that the Health app won’t be making the transition from iPhone to iPad or Mac.

The Health app is now only available on Apple’s iPhone, which means that iPad and Mac users are forced to use their phone’s small display to monitor potentially life-saving information, such as their heart rate and more. According to Gurman, Apple will not make any announcements at WWDC22 about bringing the Health app to other platforms. This has been a long-held expectation of many users.

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The health features on the iPhone and Apple Watch, on the other hand, are expected to improve.

However, despite the fact that the Health app won’t be moving to the iPad or Mac, it will acquire several new capabilities that are compatible with the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple is expected to unveil iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 during its event, which is expected to introduce new features such as an enhanced multitasking system for the iPad and a revised Settings app for the Mac.

The Health app, coupled with Apple Watch’s own health tracking and alerting capabilities, is one of the best iPhone improvements in recent years and can significantly assist in saving lives. We hope that the health app will be available for the iPad and Mac by 2023.

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