Apple warns hackers about security flaws that allow them full management control of devices


Apple cautioned on Wednesday that significant security flaws discovered in iOS and macOS devices may give potential hackers total control of a user’s device. This past week, the corporation surreptitiously released two security papers on the vulnerability, attributing the finding to an unnamed researcher.

Both flaws are included in Apple’s WebKit browser engine, which powers Safari and other applications. Apple reports indicate that the first vulnerability would give a hacker total access to a user’s device. This might make it possible for attackers to use any type of software under the name of the device’s owner, according to Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security, who spoke with NPR. People “within the public spotlight,” such as journalists and campaigners, should be alert in acquiring the update, she continued.

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For the browser engines used by Safari, Mail, and other iOS program, a second vulnerability was discovered. This security hole permits attackers to arbitrary run code that might download malware onto a user’s device, according to the company’s security assessment.

Apple’s publications are lacking in specifics and don’t go into great depth about how or where the vulnerabilities operate or came from; they merely credit an unnamed researcher with finding both issues. According to NPR, security professionals are alerting the public that the vulnerability affects practically all iPhone devices as well as Mac computers running macOS Monterey.

According to Fortune, the tech giant did not specify how many individuals were impacted but did say that it is “aware of a claim that this issue may have been actively exploited.”

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