Apple Watch is being hailed for its useful fall detection feature by a police officer


After being automatically summoned to a senior citizen’s fall by an Apple Watch, a police officer took to Reddit to discuss how the Fall Detection feature on the Apple Watch is handled by emergency services.

As of the Apple Watch Series 4, which includes the SE, fall detection is a standard feature on all subsequent iterations of the wearable. An emergency services officer describes what happens when the Apple Watch detects a fall, adding to the growing list of times it has been said to have saved lives.

When an Apple Watch’s fall detection feature alerted police, an officer was dispatched “because of its fall detection feature,” the officer wrote on Reddit under Tropicott’s username.

As the officer continues, “history on the residence doesn’t come back with anything and all callbacks were negative.” When I arrive at the house, I’m surprised to see that it’s well lit. There’s always someone in the house. There’s been no response when I’ve knocked on the door. “

Observing photos of a family and a particularly elderly woman through the window panes prompted the officer’s assumption that the people living there were related. “Lucky for us, the door wasn’t locked! Opening it and making my presence known only elicited grunting in response.”

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The officer continues, “I ran upstairs and found the elderly lady lying on her back, half her face covered in blood. To get immediate medical help, “I immediately dialed 911,” says the woman.

She’d been feeling queasy all day and then passed out after getting up to go to the bathroom. Police say she had no idea her watch had called them, and one officer speculates that she wasn’t even in the right state of mind to understand how this could have happened.

According to the officer, it has been determined that she will make a full recovery after receiving medical treatment. Damn, it was cool to see the Apple Watch feature in action.

Other users’ experiences with the Apple Watch fall detection can be found throughout the thread. In addition, other Apple Watch users describe how the device helps them avoid falls and other mishaps.

The Apple Watch automatically activates fall detection for users over the age of 55, but only if their correct age has been entered into the iPhone’s Health app. Because of the high likelihood of false positives in many physical activities for users under 55, this feature is turned off by default for these individuals.

Currently, the feature is available on all current-generation Apple Watches except the Apple Watch Series 3.

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