Apple Watch Now Supports the Classic Game “Quake”


Quake 1, a well-known shooter from 1996, has been converted to a variety of gadgets and can now be played on the Apple Watch. The Quake was converted to the Apple Watch Series 5 by YouTuber MyOwnClone in late August. The game features touch-screen and Digital Crown controls.

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MyOwnClone writes in a post on Hacker News that he constructed the port on top of already-existing ports for iOS and Mac, making numerous adjustments to make it compatible with the watchOS framework. It operates at 640×480 resolution at 60 frames per second, but it can operate at greater resolutions at a slower framerate.

A demonstration and more details on the building process may be seen on YouTube. The port is available on GitHub. A Mac, Xcode, and the copyrighted Quake materials are required for code compilation in order to install the game on an Apple Watch.

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