Apple Watch preserved the life of a Maine woman who suffered from a deadly tumor


A woman in Maine is credited with having having her life saved by her atrial fibrillation warnings from her Apple Watch, which led to a path that resulted in her undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

67-year-old Kim Durkee received many messages from her Apple Watch in late May advising that her heart was in atrial fibrillation. Even after discounting the results from the first two nights, she still thought the third night’s statistics were “a bit too high for comfort.”

Still unable to believe the warning, Durkee told herself, “You know what, go to the emergency room, and if they tell you there’s nothing to worry about, then throw the watch away.” She later related this story to WBZ-TV.

They were able to diagnose a myxoma after confirming the irregular heartbeat. A rare tumor type, it is known to be fast-growing and constrict the blood supply to the heart, which can induce a stroke.

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When the physicians asked Kim how she realized she had A-fib, she responded by saying, “Because my watch informed me.”

On June 27, Durkee underwent open-heart surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital to remove a four-centimeter tumor. Following a lengthy stay in the hospital, she was released and returned to her house in order to continue her recuperation.

“I consider myself very fortunate to be here and talking to you,” Kim stated. After her tale went viral, many more Apple Watch owners contacted her, so she still has a lot to say.

The Apple Watch has been often noted as a reason why people have been able to rapidly seek aid in an emergency and diagnose otherwise neglected ailments with the use of it. When a dentist in India complained of chest pains in March, his doctor utilized the ECG feature to diagnose a clogged artery.

A fall detection feature that led to the discovery of lung cancer and the cellular function that called for aid when a swimmer was caught in the river have both been lifesaving features for the device.

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