Apple Watch Pro makes all the tough moves with a display that won’t break


A huge overhaul of the Apple Watch is coming this year! The Apple Watch lineup will get three new models later this year, not simply a few updates to existing versions. Coming in first will be a successor to Series 7: The Apple Watch Series 8. An entirely new model, called the “SE,” is expected to be released in 2020, with major advancements over the current model. It’s also expected that there will be a new Apple Watch Pro that will replace the current high-end models made of exotic materials. Those who are looking for a robust phone will be able to get their hands on the latter.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch lineup will receive the most significant changes in a long time, which should be announced soon. The Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch SE are expected to retain their existing appearance, but the Apple Watch Pro is expected to feature an entirely new style. Instead of a circular form like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it will still retain a rectangular shape.

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Apple Watch Pro will have a very durable design

The Apple Watch Pro, aside from its redesigned look, is expected to include a 7 percent bigger display than the Watch 7. As Gurman points out, the Series 8’s screen is only 45 millimeters across, whereas the Series 7’s is 1.9 inches. It will also be composed of shatter-resistant material, making it more suitable for outdoor use. It’s possible that the Watch Pro, with its larger dimensions, may be too big for most people.

The Apple Watch Pro is expected to include a titanium body, which is both sturdy and lightweight. In addition to providing more room for the larger battery, the larger frame will also enhance the device’s overall longevity.

In addition, a slew of health-related improvements will be made to the Watch Pro. According to Gurman, Wear Pro will contain a body temperature sensor. Sensors such as blood pressure and glucose monitors will be included in future generations.

There will be a price for all of these enhancements, and Gurman estimates the Apple Watch Pro will cost $900. If the price is this high, Apple may have to discontinue the Apple Watch Edition variants.

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