Apple Watch Pro new leak reveals a stunning design that is unexpected


New goods will be unveiled during Apple’s most recent special event. Undoubtedly, the most intriguing new release will be the new Apple Watch models, although there will also likely be new iPhones and an updated version of the AirPods Pro. Images that purport to depict the most intriguing of the recent releases have since surfaced.

Apple will soon offer the new Apple Watch SE as an entry-level model. The Apple Watch Series 8 is another option, featuring new sensors and functions. But what is sometimes referred to as the Apple Watch Pro has received the majority of attention.

According to reports, this watch is made to be more durable and tough, making it perfect for people who enjoy extreme sports. It is rumored that it will have a new design and be larger than prior watches.

According to renders published by 91mobiles, the Watch is now drastically different from any watch we’ve seen before.

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First of all, the front appears to be completely flat rather than having the curved glass of the Apple Watch Series 7. This might make it stronger and more resistant to injury.

According to the story, the bezels would be extremely thin, allowing the bigger watch to accommodate a 49mm display. The biggest watch to date features a screen that is 45mm thick, for comparison.

So it sounds like this will be a big, bulky device that won’t be to everyone’s liking, as other speculations have said.

Even more intriguing, the digital crown appears to be larger and has crisper edges. The Crown will also be encircled by a protuberant casing, which is a sharp change from current designs; possibly this is done to safeguard the Crown during the sporting events for which it was created.

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If true, this housing has recently become noticeably more prominent, giving it a little less of an Apple-like appearance. The protuberance is undeniably crammed with electronics, maybe allowing for more components or a longer battery life. But it has a completely unique appearance compared to other Apple watches.

The renders also show space for the existing side button in the larger housing and a separate button on the other side. This is a novel development that no one anticipated.

Given the alleged goal of the Watch, it makes sense. A second button may add more metrics or simplify the process of running, climbing, or recording a bike.

These renders, presuming they are authentic, which is uncertain, simply provide a hint rather than the final product. They are, however, an interesting preview of what we might see sooner.

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