Apple Watch ‘Pro’ rumours heat up with the latest on the high-end smartwatch


Apple looks to be working on a high-end Apple Watch with a fresh design language and a tough exterior. According to a recent Bloomberg article, there will be an “Apple Watch Pro” alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8 later this year. With its larger display, longer battery life, and updated body temperature sensor, the “Pro” will be a significant upgrade over the current model.

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently reported, the high-end Apple Watch will be the first to see a significant overhaul since 2018. For those who were hoping for a flat watch face similar to that shown on Apple’s iPhone 12, Gurman predicts that the next-generation premium Apple Watch will take a more organic approach to its form.

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In addition, according to Gurman, the next Apple Watch Pro will have a seven-percent larger display. The new Apple Watches will have titanium casings, as opposed to the aluminum of the current entry-level models from the company. Titanium is not only strong, but it is also light. According to Gurman’s recent report, the watch will contain a more durable formulation of titanium in order to make it even more resistant. Additionally, the Apple Watch Pro may have a longer battery life, lasting for days with a new “low power mode.”

However, the price of the Apple Watch Pro will not be reduced. It’s likely to cost more than $900, making it a premium product. A higher price with a fresh design language and greater functionality is expected to appeal to athletes, influencers, hikers, and runners. I’m informed that the high-end device is going to be a good bit larger than the ordinary Apple Watch—big enough that it might only appeal to a subset of buyers.

According to reports and leaks, Apple’s fall product line-up appears to be robust. Because of this, Cupertino intends to release an array of products in the coming months, including four new iPhones, three new watch models, and updated iPad Pros with the M2 chip.

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