Apple Watch Pro that’s even greater might come at a shocking price tag


The next Apple Watch could have a “Pro” version with a price tag approaching $1,000, the largest display ever fitted to an Apple wearable, and the ability to withstand use while participating in extreme activities.

If Mark Gurman of Bloomberg is to be believed, his track record in Apple rumor-related leak-and-speculation-research is impressive indeed.

A harder version of Apple’s wearable has been rumored for a long time, and the Watch Series 8 is expected to be unveiled together with the iPhone 14 in September, according to a number of sources.

The upcoming Apple Watch is rumored to have a stronger cover that sits alongside the current two-size selections. In addition to those who participate in outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking, it’s designed for people who are active in any of these. That means Apple is getting ready to enter the sports and expedition wristwatch market, which is presently being served by Polar, Garmin, and Casio’s G-Shock subsidiary.

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In addition to being the most rugged and largest Apple Watch ever created, it is also rumored to be one of the most expensive, with a potential price tag that is higher than that of the most recent generation of titanium Apple Watch Editions.

Gurman said, ” “To put it another way, I wouldn’t be surprised if the high-end Apple Watch, which is expected to come with an improved display, additional sensors, and a more premium build, starts at around $900 to $999 [£830]. Only a couple of months remain before we learn where Apple will land.”

Gurman argues that Apple may use Watch Max or Watch Explorer Edition as the name for the new model. However, he feels that the firm is more likely to call it the Watch Pro in order for it to match in with the company’s existing high-end offerings across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineups.

In August, Samsung is scheduled to unveil its own version of the Watch 5 Pro, which is likely to cost half as much as Apple’s new, harder version of the watch. In keeping with tradition, Apple is anticipated to unveil the new wearables at a September launch event along with the new iPhone 14 series.

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