Apple Watch Pro with a larger band is expected and it will be backwards compatible


A new Apple Watch Pro with a bigger band has been the subject of contradicting rumors, with one claiming it won’t work with previous devices while the other claims it will. Users have been able to utilize their existing bands when purchasing new Apple Watches up to this point, but if reports of a larger band are true, this practice may soon become extinct.

At its event on September 7, Apple will reveal the Apple Watch Series 8 and a new Pro model of the wearable. The device’s screen size is expected to be 47mm or 48mm, up from the Apple Watch Series 7’s 41mm and 45mm possibilities, according to a report on Weibo from UnclePan.

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The leaker claims that the Apple Watch Pro would require wider bands because of its new square shape, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman disputes this claim and thinks the new watch will function with previous bands.

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