Apple Watch ‘Pro’ won’t be suitable with older watch bands, according to a rumor


Apple’s incoming Apple Watch “Pro” won’t work with existing Apple Watch bands, either. According to a new rumor, buyers who choose the new, expensive Apple Watch will also need to buy new bands in addition to the watch itself.

On September 7, at Apple’s next “Far Out” event, a new, high-end Apple Watch “Pro” is anticipated to be unveiled. According to rumors, the new watch would have a more durable design, a flat display, and a newly designed case with a larger display that is between 47mm and 48mm in size.

The Apple Watch “Pro” won’t be compatible with prior Apple Watch bands because of its more squared-off design, according to a post on Weibo by the user “UnclePan,” who has previously posted reliable information. The Apple Watch has gradually grown in size over time, but Apple has continued to support earlier Apple Watch bands. Customers may upgrade their Apple Watch and keep using their current watch bands without having to buy new ones thanks to backward compatibility.

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It is anticipated that the new Apple Watch “Pro” will be marketed to users who seek a ruggedized and sturdy Apple Watch as well as athletes. Given this, Apple may decide to provide a completely new line of Apple Watch bands that are exclusively made for professional athletes and only compatible with the Apple Watch “Pro” model.

The new Apple Watch “Pro” is just one of the Apple Watch models that will be available in a little more than a week. The Apple Watch Series 8 and an upgraded second-generation Apple Watch SE are also anticipated announcements from Apple. The Series 8 is anticipated to maintain the Series 7’s design while adding a new body temperature sensor and longer-lasting batteries. With our guide, find out more about the new Apple Watch lineup.

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