Apple Watch saved the life of a paralyzed mountain biker


A mountain biker claims that his Apple Watch saved his life by allowing him to contact aid after becoming paralyzed in an accident.

Ryan McConnaughey, a dedicated mountain biker from Spring Valley, California, frequently visited the trails in Jamul. However, he would have an accident in April that would alter the course of his life.

McConnaughey describes the mishap to 10News San Diego, explaining that it happened around 40 minutes into the evening trip. “There was a steep part. I fell headfirst to the ground after my bicycle began to move forward “said he.

The rider was knocked to his back after the blow to his helmet-protected head, at which point he realized there was a severe problem. He says, “I didn’t have movement from my neck down.

“I was certain that I needed to get medical help as soon as possible. My brain seemed to switch to survival mode “He says. McConnaughey realized his iPhone was in his backpack and out of reach and then he recalled, “I’m wearing my watch.”

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The rider, who mostly used the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker, asked Siri to call a friend who was close by. The rider then dialed his girlfriend’s voicemail after calling 911 for assistance on behalf of McConaughey and his companion.

“lacked any knowledge of what would transpire. All I wanted to do was say goodbye “He informed her in the three-minute message to his lover.

He was found and evacuated to the hospital, where he underwent three procedures to repair the broken vertebrae in his neck, which resulted in the diagnosis of quadriplegia. McConnaughey has recently moved back home after spending months in a Colorado center for spinal cord rehabilitation.

“My life was saved by the watch. There is no question. I had no chance of being discovered. I never would have imagined that I would use an Apple Watch to make a crucial phone call “And McConnaughey ends.

The newest report to claim that the Apple Watch helped save lives is McConnaughey’s. After a man suffered a serious fall off an electric bike in Hermosa Beach in January, an Apple Watch automatically called the police, and in Singapore after a hit-and-run in September 2021, it called an ambulance for a man.

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