Apple Watch Series 3 is eventually offered away before it ends


On the online store of Apple , Apple Watch Series 3 models are finally selling out globally just days before the line is anticipated to be terminated.

Three of the four Series 3 versions mentioned on Apple’s website are currently unavailable in the UK, as opposed to one Series 3 model being unavailable in the American store. In different nations, availability varies.

After introducing new Apple Watch models at its special event on Wednesday, it was anticipated that Apple would discontinue selling the Apple Watch Series 3 because the next watchOS 9 software update is incompatible with it.

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The Apple Watch Series 8, a more expensive Series 8 device that may be called the Apple Watch Pro, and a second-generation Apple Watch SE are new models that are rumored to be unveiled at the event. The Series 3 would probably be replaced as the new entry-level model by the original Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch Series 3, which debuted in 2017, is in serious need of replacement as watchOS 9 is about to become available for the Series 4 and newer later this month.

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