Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 now support Bluetooth 5.3 announced by Apple


The Apple Watch comparison website stated that both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the second-generation Apple Watch SE supported Bluetooth 5.0, but Apple has now stated that they really support the more recent Bluetooth 5.3 standard.

Although certain locations on Apple’s website still identify the Series 8 and new SE as supporting Bluetooth 5.0, the company confirmed that both models do, in fact, support Bluetooth 5.3 in the United States, at the very least.

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According to Apple, Bluetooth 5.3 is also supported by the second-generation AirPods Pro, the Apple Watch Ultra, and all four iPhone 14 models.

In many different types of Bluetooth-enabled goods, such as the LE Audio specification, Bluetooth 5.3 is reported to have “many feature advancements with the potential to increase reliability, energy economy, and user experience.” However, there is no proof that Apple has yet included LE Audio in its most recent models.

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