Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to have a 5% larger display


Reports from Ross Young and Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities suggest Apple is working on a bigger display version of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Young first mentioned the possibility of the Apple Watch Series 8 having three different display sizes in October of last year. In response to a question regarding the rumor that was asked on Twitter, Young asserts that the additional display size that will be entering the Apple Watch lineup will have a diagonal measurement of 1.99 inches.

Apple supplier Luxshare will be the “exclusive supplier” of a “high-end” 2-inch Apple Watch this year, according to an analyst’s note to investors viewed by MacRumors. There is a good chance that Pu merely rounded up the 1.99-inch display size that Young had presented.

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There are 1.691-inches on the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 and 1.901-inches on Apple’s 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 displays, respectively, on the new 1.99-inch Apple Watch. There would be a 5% increase in diagonal space over the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 if the increased display size were to be implemented.

It is possible that the somewhat larger display size corresponds to the expected makeover of the Apple Watch Series 8 with flat corners. The leaker known as “ShrimpApplePro,” who correctly predicted that the Apple Watch Series 7 would feature a rounded shape like the Apple Watch Series 6, stated that Apple was working on a “flat front glass display” for the Apple Watch Series 8. Flat-edged Apple Watches, first proposed by leaker Jon Prosser in 2021, may offer a slightly larger flat top surface area, which could explain a 5% increase in display size, although this is only speculation.

Young and Pu’s assertions could also be in line with reports about this year’s “rugged” Apple Watch model, which is slated to join the Apple Watch range with the other Series 8 models. It’s possible that a third, larger display size for the Apple Watch “Explorer Edition” could be correlated with a new, extra Apple Watch “Explorer Edition” model, especially if this is also the model to offer a new design with flat sides.

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