Apple Watch Series 8 rumored to be 47mm larger than Series 7


When the Apple Watch Series 8 is unveiled this fall, it may include a bigger 47mm variant. In terms of the current Apple Watch selection, this is how it stacks up.

The Apple Watch has had a wide variety of case materials, bands, and sizes over the years, but the company has maintained the device selection within two sizes. “Apple Watch Series 8” may change that.

The 38mm and 42mm case sizes were used for the first three versions of the Apple Watch, followed by the 40mm and 44mm sizes for the fourth through sixth iterations. Because of a display that wraps around the edge of the case, Apple increased the sizes significantly to 41mm and 45mm for the Apple Watch Series 7.

There are still large and small sizes for all Apple Watches, notwithstanding these size modifications. This means that customers who purchased bands for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 can use them on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7.

The next “Apple Watch Series 8” could introduce a new, larger size to the existing two-size system. The only information that has been leaked so far is the display size, which is 1.99 inches.

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It’s important to note that this is a significant figure because display makers measure screens by a diagonal using inches, whereas watch casings are measured using the distance from top to bottom. The Apple Watch Series 7 boasts a 1.9-inch touchscreen with a 45mm casing.

The leak did not clarify how the 0.09-inch increase would be applied. larger displays in smaller cases, or even larger cases in proportion to the display’s dimensions.

It is reasonable to assume that the case of the Apple Watch Series 7 will be 47mm in diameter if the display bezels and design remain the same. According to reports, the “Apple Watch Series 8″ could undergo a makeover with flat sides, allowing for a larger display while maintaining the same overall size.

In our measurements, the 1.99-inch display would fit into a 45mm-equivalent shell with flat edges, resulting in both a thinner case and a larger display all at once. That, however, does not match the rumors.

An Apple Watch with a 47mm casing and a huge, flat-sided 2.2-inch display has been circulating for some time. Ross Young, a display supply chain analyst, appears to favor a 47mm shell with a 1.99-inch panel. Maybe it’s not completely discounted.

At a special event on September 12, Apple is likely to unveil the “Apple Watch Series 8” and the iPhone 14 at a special event. You may soon have three options for the Apple Watch, including a robust model, new health measures, and improved performance.

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