Apple Watch Spotify streaming is broken in watchOS 9


Due to a serious flaw that stops the app from streaming straight to the Apple Watch, Spotify is advising users not to update their watches to watchOS 9.

Customers are receiving emails from Spotify warning them not to upgrade to watchOS 9 because of an issue that stops users from streaming audio directly to their Apple Watch. Users can continue to stream material normally on the iPhone using the Spotify app, which is unaffected by the problem.

The email from Spotify was first shared in part by a source. It states:

“Spotify streaming on the Apple Watch no longer functions due to a problem in Apple WatchOS 9. Users of the Spotify Apple Watch are urged not to update to WatchOS 9 until a resolution has been made by Apple. Users who are already impacted can transfer their content to their Apple Watch and stream it from their phones or listen to it offline. “

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Similar to Apple Music, the Spotify Apple Watch app will display what is currently playing on the iPhone when it is present. Only when the user starts listening through the Apple Watch app while using headphones that are linked to the Apple Watch, does the Apple Watch stream straight from Spotify.

According to user reports, a stream will start for a brief period of time before cutting off. There is no audio playing, yet the progress bar keeps moving.

Similar to the iOS 16.01 upgrade for the iPhone 14, Apple may offer a quick-fix update. Otherwise, consumers will have to wait until watchOS 9.1, which is anticipated to be released alongside iPadOS 16.1 following a possible October event, later in the fall.

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