Apple Watch Ultra leak reveals some astonishing details


The Apple Watch Ultra will be released on September 23. With a larger display than before, buttons made to be pressed even through the thickest gloves, and a ton of functions, it is a high-end watch made for people who enjoy extreme activities.

But it now seems there’s one thing we didn’t know up until this point: the battery’s size. It’s fairly sizable, according to MySmartPrice.

When Low Power Mode is turned on, the Ultra’s battery life can last up to 60 hours, which is equivalent to 36 hours of typical use, according to information provided by Apple. It is now apparent how that might be possible.

According to recent information that was made public on a certification website, the Ultra has a 542mAh battery. If you think it doesn’t mean much, contrast that with the battery in the recently introduced Apple Watch Series 8, which has a 308mAh cell in its 45mm casing.

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In other words, the Ultra’s battery is 1.76 times bigger than the Series 8’s.

The Series 8 battery lasts for 18 hours, but the Ultra promises a battery life that is twice that long with a cell that is nearly twice as big. The Ultra is even closer to having a battery with twice the capacity in that situation than the Series 8, which is smaller and has a 282mAh battery.

For completeness’ sake, the battery size of the Apple Watch SE is also disclosed. The smaller 296mAh battery is in the larger 40mm variant.

The basic idea of the narrative is, therefore, that the Ultra’s battery is enormous compared to all others.

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