Apple Watch will remain the same shape despite Apple’s final changes


It’s very likely that Apple will release a high-end version of its smartwatch this fall. It will probably be called the Apple Watch Pro. But even though the new device will have a new look and be made of tougher materials, it won’t change the most important thing about how the Apple Watch looks.

Bloomberg’s Apple specialist and well-known leaker-pundit Mark Gurman claims in his recent newsletter that the Apple Watch Pro will preserve the iconic and contentious rectangular design that has distinguished the device since its very first version in 2015. For years, rumours and fans have speculated about the prospect of Apple launching a circular model, but these expectations appear to be dashed yet again.

When it comes to the high-end version of the Apple Watch, Gurman adds, “I’ve been informed it will be larger than the ordinary model and it will have a fresh look—the business has released a new Apple Watch design since 2018.” Rather than being circular, it will take on the existing rectangular form. These alleged flat sides will not be present either.

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As a throwback to another failed rumour from last year, the Apple Watch Series 7 was generally expected to have flattened edges like the iPhone 12 but instead had the same curves as before. The flat-edged Apple Watch rumour has been resurfaced for the upcoming Series 8 model, although that too appears to be a non-story.

When it comes to the design of the watch, the most important consideration is the interface. Circular watches are more in line with the traditional concept of what a watch should look like, whereas square or rectangular watches are better for showing text and are easier to use for software developers producing cut-down versions of iPhone apps for smaller screens. Apple probably experimented with both designs during the creation of the first Apple Watch, but ultimately opted for the “squircle,” a square with rounded sides that was apparently a favorite of Steve Jobs.

You can stay up to date with the latest rumours by reading our guides to the Apple Watch Series 8 and the 2022 Apple Watch SE, both of which will be updated on a regular basis until the announcement is made. It is anticipated that the new Apple Watch models will be released this fall alongside the iPhone 14.

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