Apple Watch’s latest addition might have been discontinued by Apple


The Apple Watch Edition has already sold out in numerous nations, just weeks before the Apple Watch Series 8 lineup is anticipated to be announced.

Beginning this month, Apple’s online store in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other nations had some of the expensive Apple Watch Series 7 versions with titanium casings classified as “temporarily unavailable.”

In September, the iPhone 14 lineup is anticipated to be introduced together with the Apple Watch Series 8. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple apparently intends to release a premium model with a larger display and a more robust build that would be appropriate for trekking and extreme sports in addition to the two ordinary Series 8 models.

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According to rumors, the premium Apple Watch model will include a titanium case, which is now only available on the Apple Watch Edition. With the Apple Watch Edition’s titanium casing serving as its sole point of differentiation, it is challenging to understand how the variant could be justified in the lineup with a significantly different titanium model placed just above it, not to mention that the Apple Watch Edition may detract from sales of the new high-end model.

The new top-end Apple Watch is anticipated to sell in relatively limited quantities, according to display expert Ross Young earlier this month, similar to previous reports of low sales for the Apple Watch Edition models due to their high price point. In contrast to the four million 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 devices expected to arrive during the third quarter of this year, Apple is reportedly only planning to ship one million pieces of the bigger Apple Watch.

Gurman’s confirmation of a titanium shell for this year’s high-end Apple Watch model is the best proof yet that Apple may be preparing to essentially merge the existing Apple Watch Edition line into this new product category, in addition to pricing and market positioning. This would enable it to keep providing titanium casings while more blatantly highlighting the material’s weight and strength benefits and emphasizing durability at a premium price point.

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Cannibalizing sales of the new high-end device could happen if the more affordable titanium Apple Watch Edition is kept on the market. Like the Apple Watch Edition, the new high-end model may appeal to some buyers considerably more than it does. This is because features like the display size, battery life, and design offer more compelling arguments for an upsell.

It is also important to keep in mind that the future high-end Apple Watch models may simply form part of the Apple Watch Edition line, with titles like Apple Watch Pro being far from locked-in at this point in the rumour cycle. The Apple Watch Edition series, at the very least, appears to be permanently discontinued. The high-end Apple Watch is anticipated to include a redesign in addition to the “S8” chip, a body temperature sensor for improved sleep tracking and fertility planning, a Low Power Mode to extend battery life, and a larger battery to enable longer training durations.

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