Apple will eliminate the Lightning port on the iPhone in 2023 and replace it with USB-C, claims an analyst


The nearly widely embraced USB-C port will replace Apple’s proprietary Lightning port on its iPhones next year, according to business analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

This shift is expected to take place in 2023, based on an unnamed “study,” according to Kuo in two tweets (presumably of component manufacturers, from whom Kuo seems to get a lot of his information for predictions about future Apple products).

According to Kuo, the use of USB-C “may boost the iPhone’s transfer and charging speeds in hardware designs,” but the final spec specifics still depend on iOS support. “

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This is not the first time that Kuo has predicted that Apple will use USB-C on its iPhones; rumours and conjecture about this have been going on for years. A substantial portion of the smartphone industry, including Apple, has embraced USB-reversible C’s USB-C standard, and many Macs have USB-C Thunderbolt connectors that are compatible with USB-C. Policymakers are also pushing for a changeover, with the EU proposing requiring USB-C connectors on smartphones and other electrical devices (with the intention of reducing e-waste by standardising chargers and data cables).

Apple, on the other hand, has long appeared particularly averse to the concept. According to some reports, the company prefers to make its iPhones portless and rely on wireless charging and data transfer instead of introducing USB-C ports into its products. Even Kuo said last year that Apple would not use USB-C connections. According to Cook, in March 2021, Lightning connections will remain on iPhones for the “foreseeable future,” in part to support the lucrative Made for iPhone (MFi) program and in part to improve waterproofing.

However, it’s possible that Lightning has just run out of steam. MacRumors points out that when the standard was released in September 2012, Apple CEO Phil Schiller termed it “a modern connector for the next decade.” In May 2022, the decade is nearing its end.

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