Apple workers are appealing against the plan to return to the office three times a week


Employees at Apple are reportedly pressing the company to stop its plan to start requiring workers to come into the office three days a week starting next month.

Apple informed its corporate staff earlier this month that they would need to start coming into the office three days a week early next month. According to the present schedule, employees must report to work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and a third day of the week that varies by team.

A recent Financial Times report claims that an increasing number of Apple employees are opposing the new strategy and calling instead for “location flexible employment.” According to the article, a petition started by the “Apple Together” group is making its way around Apple and gathering support. For a while now, Apple has been anxious for its staff to resume in-person work. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, defended the company’s desire to go back to the office in order to preserve the “in-person cooperation that is so vital to our culture.”

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The response from Apple Together is that a “universal demand from top leadership” disregards the “many compelling reasons” why certain employees are “happier and more productive” when they work outside of traditional office settings.

The group is requesting that Apple allow workers to discuss their working arrangements with their “immediate boss,” and that they not be required to submit their private information or go through “high-level approvals” and “complicated procedures.”

According to the petition, Apple “should encourage, not outlaw, flexible work” in an environment where staff members “feel free to ‘think different’ together.” Beginning on September 5, Apple will implement its present strategy of having staff members come into the office three days a week.

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