Apple’s AI-designed concept car shows how it could differentiate from Tesla


Dall-E 2 cleverly used artificial intelligence technology to build a fictional “AI-generated Apple Car” in response to a text from San Francisco-based industrial designer John Mauriello.

Mauriello concentrates on using cutting-edge technologies to advance his unique skill. He entered on DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence system that can produce realistic images and art from a description, that he desired a minimalist sports car made of metal and glass that was inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse. In addition, he instructed the AI to style the design in accordance with Jony Itechniques, the former head of design at Apple.

Prior to revealing a sports vehicle concept from Mauriello’s brief with a simple style, the AI system first determined the crucial keywords for the Apple Car: MacBook, Magic Mouse, Jony Ive, and aluminum. The industrial designer claims that the process produces comparable results for the Apple Car. By including each product in the system, a sense of original design is created. The process appears to have accomplished Mauriello’s desired aesthetics, as evidenced by the white, windowless building and the sports vehicle with an aluminum body.

According to Mauriello, “I directed the AI to design a minimalist sports car inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse made of metal and glass while simultaneously instructing it to develop something in the style of Apple’s former design chief, Jony Ive.”

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The greatest example of curvilinear perfection is this gorgeous future vehicle’s smooth, machined aluminum body, which is free of any surface blemishes.

The AI expertly enhanced the surfaces of the AI-generated Apple Car, utilizing stunning chiaroscuro lighting.

Mauriello even created a scene to display the car. After the initial batch of images, he gave the AI system the term “moody lighting” to see if that would give the design a background laced with suspense and mystery.

The finished product gives off the sensation of walking into a dark warehouse or maybe a serene car exhibition. The floodlight draws attention to the Apple Car’s futuristic borders, lines, components, and tyres.

There are no interior photographs of the Apple Car design, but given how swiftly AI is advancing across various industries, they may be available shortly.

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