Apple’s AirPods Pro and other Apple products are awarded to Swift Student Challenge winners


The champions of the Apple Swift Student Challenge are beginning to get their free souvenirs, AirPods Pro, and other rewards for winning the annual coding competition ahead of WWDC 2022.

The Swift Student Challenge is an opportunity for aspiring Swift developers to demonstrate their abilities by constructing a Swift playground. There are a number of prizes for the winners of these coding competitions, which are awarded by Apple.

Some of the 2022 winners have already received those presents, and they’ve shared them on Twitter. Rishi Malhotra, who goes by the moniker “Vedant” and creates task-tracking apps, falls under this category.

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The student coders received an Apple-branded beanie, stickers, a WWDC22 hoodie, a free pair of AirPods Pro, and a full year of participation in the Apple Developer Program as part of their swag.

The winners were also issued a note from Apple to congratulate them on their success.

“Your coding abilities were put to the test, and they came out on top. You’ve won the Swift Challenge at WWDC22. ” The card reads, Your work on the Swift Playgrounds app reflects your dedication to the field of coding as well as your desire to see your vision come to life. It is with great pleasure that we present you with this special honor for your dedication and hard work at Apple. Your enthusiasm for Apple products is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to working with you in the future. “

Each year, the Swift Student Challenge takes place around the same time as WWDC. On June 6, 2022, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Apple will host a keynote presentation for the beginning of their Worldwide Developers Conference.

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