Apple’s App Store fees are under investigation by Mexican competition authorities


A former telecommunications executive on Friday filed a complaint against tech giants Apple and Google, raising the possibility of yet another competition investigation by Mexican regulators.

In the complaint, filed on Thursday with Mexico’s telecoms regulator IFT, Mony de Swaan Addati accuses Apple and Google of “totally impeding competition” by exploiting their App Store monopoly to force the adoption of their own payment facilities for in-app purchases.

According to the lawsuit, which Reuters obtained, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store both charge fifteen to twenty percent commission, which leads to price inflation.

The telecommunications federation that existed before the IFT took its place was led by Addati in the past.

He asserts that the IFT became involved in the situation when Mexico’s competition watchdog declined to launch a probe.

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According to Addati, “I have complete trust that (the IFT) would look into the matter and use its authority in accordance with global best practices to stop these businesses from abusing their market dominance to the detriment of customers and developers.”

With numerous other regulators across the world keeping an eye on Apple’s different operations inside the app ecosystem, if the complaint results in an investigation, it would be the most recent issue that Apple and other tech companies would have to deal with.

For instance, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced in June that it would look into Apple and Google’s monopoly over the App Store. In Europe, EU antitrust regulators contend that, among other things, Apple is breaking the law by giving Apple Music an unfair advantage.

Developers in France filed a class action complaint against Apple in August regarding the costs and rules of the App Store.

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